Prevent House Fires

Denver & Littleton :  Clean Your Dryer Vent!

Take care of an often overlooked appliance… your clothes dryer.

The U.S. Fire Administration says that a failure to clean the dryer vent is the leading cause of house fires. Once a dryer vent is clogged it causes the dryer to overheat and creates a potential fire hazard. Dryer vent cleaning services from Hawkeye Carpet Care can help prevent fires.

Is your dryer is functioning properly?

Warning signs:

-Your clothes are taking longer to  dry during a normal cycle

-A musty or burning smell comes from your dryer

-Your laundry room  and/or clothes are unusually hot

-Your lint trap is full of lint after a single drying cycle

What can you do year-round to prevent a clogged and dangerous dryer vent?

-Clean your lint filter after each load of laundry

-Only run your dryer when someone is home

-Visually inspect and clean your dryer vent regularly! Regular maintenance is extremely important.

Not sure if your Dryer Vent needs cleaning? Enlist the Pros at Hawkeye Carpet Care in Denver & Littleton.


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If an accident occurs within 1 year of cleaning we just ask that you first clean it with the spotter given to you by our technician. If the spot or spill remains, call us and we will remove it Free of Charge. That's it, no fine print - Now that's a Warranty.